Endpoint Errors

Summary uses the same components as Streaming, so any Summary errors should also refer to Streaming.

Issue: Summary Data not Created

Check Stream-Peer Logs and/ Stream-Peer-Turbine Logs

Check these logs. dending on which HTTP streaming architecture you've chosen:

  • Stream-Peer
  • Stream-Peer Turbine
  • Intake-Head
  • Intake-Head Turbine

API: System Health

Carefully read the exception you get back in the "turbine" container and the stream-peer, kafka-peer, kinesis-peer container.

  • Datetime format for primary timestamp.
  • Check the SQL.

Review transform and edit accordingly.




Check the Transform

API: <https://docs.hydrolix.io/reference/list-transforms>

  • Ensure the output columns for the parent table match the incoming data.
  • Check the transform SQL outputs the expected values to the summary transform.