Next Steps

Congratulations - you can now model, ingest, and query data in Hydrolix! Now for next steps…

In a getting started document, we are hardly going to do justice to every possible topic a team will need for a production workload, so here are some useful topics to go deeper into should you have the time.

  1. Using to stream in data.
  2. Using fluentd or fluentbit to stream in data
  3. Kafka and Kinesis to stream data
  4. Getting really good with SQL especially for reporting and dashboards
  5. Diving deeper into transforms which are quite rich in functionality
  6. Security - a lot is turned off by default - Hydrolix can be locked down by authentication, authorization, and policy
  7. Using summary tables to run real-time analytics on the massive data you are ingesting
  8. Dictionaries to efficiently lookup reference data in memory during ingest and query using SQL.
  9. The API’s - learn how to build and work with all the Hydrolix objects exposed - tables, projects, ingest data, queryable data, and dictionaries to name a few. Folks who like to automate love working with our API which is quite capable!
  10. Tuning tables, stream settings, and cluster settings to make best use of hardware.
  11. Troubleshooting the cluster.