The process of creating a Kinesis-sourced summary table is slightly different than other summary tables due to extra Kinesis settings.

Create Summary Table

The summary table persists the aggregation results generated by your summary transform. You can create your summary table with the Hydrolix UI or the API.

To create a table with the Hydrolix API, see the API Reference.

Your API request should contain a kinesis field that specifyies a parent_source similar to the following JSON request body:

	"name": "<table_name>",
	"type": "summary",
	"settings": {
		"summary": {
			"sql": "<summary transform>",
			"kinesis": {
				"parent_source": "<parent_project.parent_table>",
				"checkpointer": { // optional. defaults to parent checkpointer
					"name": "<custom checkpointer table>"

Add your summary transform here, as well as the project and table you'd like to use for your parent table. You can optionally specify a checkpointer table.