Publish Your Transform

You can create and manage your tables' transforms either through the Hydrolix API or via its web UI. While the API gives you the most control over your transforms, the UI can be a great starting place for initially creating or otherwise familiarizing yourself with Hydrolix transforms.

Using the API

Hydrolix's REST API offers a complete interface for viewing and managing your project's transforms. Each of these API methods involves fetching or setting transforms as complete JSON documents. (It leaves the task of initially composing those JSON files to you.)

Using the UI

When in your project's UI, bring up the detail view of any of your fluid tables to see all its transforms listed under the "Ingest Transforms" heading. You can use the controls found there to examine any transform attached to the table, or press the plus-sign button to create a new transform for that table.

The transform creation UI provides a couple of tools to assist you with creating a new transform, including a wizard-style interface, and a tool that will create an initial transform based on a few rows of example data.

Applying transforms to ingests

Whether you use the API or the web interface, you apply a transform to an ingest simply by specifying it by name--the value of its JSON "name" key--while configuring that ingest.