Install Tools


Before you can deploy Hydrolix on Linode, you'll need some supporting tools.

Supporting Tools

Cloud Infrastructure Tools

Hydrolix GCP uses Kubernetes. You can manage Kubernetes with the kubectl CLI tool.

This guide uses the Google Cloud CLI to manage GCP resources.

Check if kubectl is installed with the following command:

which kubectl

You should see output similar to /opt/homebrew/bin/kubectl. If this command outputs kubectl not found, you should install kubectl.

Hydrolix Environment Variables

Make sure you have set the environment variables defined in the previous step.

Create a K8's Namespace

Create a dedicated namespace in your Kubernetes Cluster:

kubectl create namespace $HDX_KUBERNETES_NAMESPACE

For ease of use, set your new namespace as a default:

kubectl config set-context --current --namespace="$HDX_KUBERNETES_NAMESPACE"

What’s Next