Data Lifecycle

The Data Lifecycle mechanism allows you to remove data above a certain age from your Hydrolix cluster. You can configure how long the data is active, as well as how long Hydrolix waits before deleting old, inactive data.

ComponentDescriptionScale to 0
DecayChecks partition age. When an active partition exceeds the configured maximum active age, the partition is made inactive. When an inactive partition exceeds the configured maximum inactive age, sends a partition deletion task to the queue.Yes
ReaperRetrieves partition delete tasks from the queue. Removes the indicated partition from the storage bucket and catalog.Yes
QueuesOne queue that contains partition deletion tasks. And a separate dead-letter queue, containing expired jobs that were not completed within a certain period of time.Yes
Hydrolix Database Storage BucketContains the partitions that comprise the database. Part of the core infrastructure.No
CatalogContains metadata regarding data stored in Hydrolix. Part of the core infrastructure.No


Configure the Age Service

To configure age services for your Hydrolix cluster, see the Age service documentation.

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