Hydrolix has the capability to create pools of servers for specific workloads. Each Pool has ring-fenced capacity so that a workload will not be affected by other processes or users querying data or ingesting data.

For example a query-pool can be created for a subset of users that is accessible only by them, with another pool being used by everyone else or a specific pool of kafka servers can be used for the ingesting of server logs, but another Kafka pool used for performance logs.

By having this capability it allows independent access and scaling of workload components without the need to overprovision a single architecture. In addition with query server components, Role Based Performance Control is also possible - so users can have access to different levels of performance based on their role within a company.


The components that support pooling are:

  • query-peer
  • merge-peer
  • kafka-peer
  • kinesis-peer
  • summary-peer

Using the Portal

Pools can be created, deleted and edited via the Portal "Scale" page - https://{{myhost.domain}}/scale.


Using the API

To create a pool via the API use the Create Pool end-point.
To edit a pool via the API use the Update Pool end-point.
To Delete a pool via the API use the Delete Pool end-point.

Defining Pools via Kubernetes yaml file

Resource pools can also be defined directly in the hydrolixcluster.yaml file under the spec section, see pool scaling


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