Aging Data

Age service

The Age service (Table API) allows customers to set a Time to Live (TTL) on each table, beyond which older data will be automatically removed.

age and reaper

These settings manage data time-to-live ttl. It is calculated relative to primary datetime value (not ingest datetime).

It's design as a two step process. First we soft delete after age.max_age_days then reaper.max_age_days later it is physically removed. Soft delete means it cannot be queried.

Due to storage level time-interval partitioning, it may be possible at midnight boundaries, some data may take an extra 24 hours to expires.

In the example below, the data is viewable for 14 days and then physically deleted after 16 days (T-(14+2)).

Example Configuration settings:

    "name": "my_name",
    "description": "my_desctiption",
    "project": "project_uuid",
      "settings": {
          "age": {
            "max_age_days": 14
          "reaper": {
             "max_age_days": 2
age.max_age_daysThe total number of days the data is available to be viewed from today. For example a value of 10 would mean that data would only be available T-10 days.0 (keep forever)
age.max_age_reaperThe total number of days that data is available before being deleted. For example a value of 2 would mean that data would be delete T-2 days after the max_age_days value0 (keep forever)

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