Active Queries

Hydrolix has an active table where we store query information for the last 5 minutes.
It is available to query like any other table and is deployed in the project hdx.

SELECT query_start, query_end, query, active, admin_comment, comment, (query_end - query_start) as query_duration
FROM hdx.active_queries
ORDER BY query_start DESC

Columns available in hdx.active_queries:

query_starttimestamp query received
query_endtimestamp query responded
querybody of the query
useruser placing the query request
commenttext provided by the hdx_comment setting
admin_commenttext provided by the hdx_admin_comment setting
activeboolean for if the query running or not
hydrolix_versionHydrolix version active when query was received
turbine_revisionTurbine revision active when query was received

We provide a query performance monitoring page in our Grafana deployment which uses Active Queries, this allow you to verify and monitor performance in real time for each query and by leveraging comment you can add some business logic in your monitoring.
For example the user running the query, or if it's a scheduled query for XYZ reason.