Hydrolix uses several "Core" components to operate the system, including the Database bucket and the Catalog:

The core components of Hydrolix.

Database Bucket

Database buckets use the name convention hdxcli-xxxxxx. Each Database bucket contains:

  • platform configuration
  • table and database configurations
  • platform tunables
  • logs
  • data files encoded in the HDX file format

Hydrolix stores database files as partitions. Each partition corresponds to a time period, and contains both raw data and indexes.

For example, an AWS deployed service uses the following directory structure:



The Catalog is a database instance used to manage state information for the stateless components. The Catalog contains:

  • metadata for the data partitions stored within the Database bucket
  • information on the jobs and tasks executed as part of ingestion

You can query the Catalog using the reserved view for each table, accessible via the suffix #.catalog:

query-peer :) select * from sample.`my_data#.catalog` limit 1

FROM sample.`my_data#.catalog`

Query id: 2627bd78-bc1b-4e4d-bff1-1d30789d9d69

│ b78ff71c-639e-4da4-b194-732630e6b5bb/55a880fb-a606-4bec-88a6-277c6bc9ec03/data/v2/current/1230768000-1435622400-e9a81367ca4523ea.hdx │ 2009-01-01 00:00:00 │ 2015-06-30 00:00:00 │           880 │     15815 │         29 │ 5000 │   141845 │ b78ff71c-639e-4da4-b194-732630e6b5bb/55a880fb-a606-4bec-88a6-277c6bc9ec03 │           │

Other Components

Hydrolix also uses the following minor components:

ComponentDescriptionScale to 0
KeycloakManages Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and access control for services.No
OperatorKubernetes Operator that manages Hydrolix scale and infrastructure.No
ValidatorService for testing Hydrolix Transforms that translate data from input to the internal schema.Yes
VersionEndpoint that displays the current running version of the Hydrolix platform.No
VectorDeployed on each Node, used to collect Logs from each service.No

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