Preparing your LKE Cluster

Hydrolix requires a few steps to be done in the Linode Cloud console, mainly creating a new object storage bucket with access key, a kubernetes cluster and finally a postgres database.

Create your Bucket

Log into your Linode cloud account, click on the button Create and then Bucket:


In the right hand side type the name of the bucket you want to use for Hydrolix (this is the bucket where Hydrolix will write the data) and the region you want to use.
For now we recommend using Atlanta.


Store the bucket URL information we'll use it later.
Finally once the bucket is created we need to create the access key, in the menu click on Access Keys:


Create Access Key, and specify that this key has read and write access to the bucket previously created.


Store the AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY as those will be needed later on.

Create your Kubernetes Cluster

Click on the button Create and then Kubernetes:


Then select the same region used to create your bucket, currently the latest version of K8s in Linode is version 1.23
Select the Dedicated 32GB Node Pools, the click create cluster:


Once the cluster is created, you need to enable autoscaling and download the kubectl configuration file:

12941294 601601

To use your Linode kubernetes cluster with kubectl you can specify the configuration file with CLI argument:

kubectl --kubeconfig <configfile>

Create your Postgres Database

Click on the button Create and then Database:


Then select the same region used to create your bucket, the select the database engine PostgreSQL v11.15:


The size of your database should be Dedicated 16GB:


To ensure high availability of the catalog please select 3 Nodes and to ensure your Kubernetes cluster can connect to your database you need to add the following IP range:


Database creation can take up to 30min.
Once the database is created you need to retrieve several information from the connection details:


What’s Next

Now we need to download Hydrolix Kubernetes Tools and deploy our operator!