Alter Jobs

On occasion there is a requirement to change data within a table. This can be for compliance or regulatory reasons and may require the alteration or deletion of rows or columns. This can be achieved through the use of Alter.


Alter: Configure it!

To configure the Alter service for your platform information can be found here - Alter Service


The alter process use some of the Query infrastructure to do work. More information on this can be found here Query

ComponentDescriptionScale to 0
App. Load-balancerAn application load-balancer used to route traffic to the Query Heads.Yes
Query HeadThe Query Head servers receive the requested queries and farm them out to the Query peers for execution.Yes
Alter Job QueuesContain a list of Alter jobs to be completed.No
Alter HeadRetrieves jobs from the job queue and splits this into tasks (individual partition jobs) to be placed onto the Alter Task Queue.No
Alter Task QueueContain a list of tasks by partition that need to be satisfied to complete a job.No
Alter-PeerA deployed server running a number of micro-services.Yes
HDX DB Storage BucketContains the database (including partitions), configuration and other state information concerning the platform. Forms part of the core infrastructure.No
CatalogContains metadata on the database, partitions and job tasks. Forms part of the core infrastructure.No
Alter Job State TrackerA database table that contains the state of all alter tasks.No