Alter Jobs

Data stored in Hydrolix doesn't often change. But occasionally it's required, sometimes for compliance or regulatory reasons. The Alter service enables you to edit or delete rows and columns.

The Alter service uses the following architecture:

ComponentDescriptionScale to 0
Load-BalancerUsed to route traffic from a single point to multiple Query Heads.Yes
Query HeadReceives queries. Delegates sub-queries on partition ranges to Query Peers. Aggregates Query Peer responses to generate a query result.Yes
Alter Job QueuesContain a list of alter jobs to be completed.No
Alter HeadRetrieves alter jobs from the queue and splits them into alter tasks that apply to a single partition. Sends those tasks to the Alter Task Queue.No
Alter Task QueueContain a list of single-partition tasks. Multiple tasks make up a single job.No
Alter-PeerExecutes alter tasks and returns results to the alter head.Yes
Alter Job State TrackerContains the state of all alter tasks.No
Hydrolix Database Storage BucketContains the partitions that comprise the database. Part of the core infrastructure.No
CatalogContains metadata regarding data stored in Hydrolix. Part of the core infrastructure.No

The Alter service uses Query infrastructure for query execution. For more information about query infrastructure, see Query.


Configure the Alter Service

To configure the Alter service in your Hydrolix cluster, see the Alter Service documentation.

What’s Next

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