Custom Object Storage

High-capacity object storage is core to the Hydrolix platform. It stores not only your data and indexes, but it also stores configuration and logging information. It's possible to use object stores other than the four major ones provided by the cloud providers: AWS S3, Google Storage, Linode Object Storage, and Azure Blob Storage.

Hydrolix works with most AWS-compatible object stores, so you can use many different products and services to replace the traditional stores. We have documentation for these stores:

Object StoreTypeIntegration Instructions
MinIOOn-PremiseMinIO Integration


Performance and Scale

Scaling, Performance and tuning of the following products and services is left to the customer, Hydrolix does not provide any warranties on the performance that can be provided by using the store. In addition Hydrolix takes no responsibility for additional egress/ingress costs for data that is sent to or retrieved from the store.