Query data

There are a number of ways you can query data in Hydrolix

  • REST based query API is the most common
  • Dashboard query tools like Superset SQL Lab or Grafana Explore
  • JDBC using the clickhouse-jdbc driver DBeaver example
  • Hydrolix Portal - quick to get started.

To access the Portal, simply login using your hostname https://{myhostname}}.hydrolix.live and navigate to https://{myhostname}}.hydrolix.live/queries/ to see the Query page.

Hydrolix uses the same syntax as Clickhouse's SQL engine. If you're looking for what this syntax looks like take a look here.

Its ANSI compliant SQL, so you should get into the swing of it pretty quickly, if not and you need a hand, please reach out!


Connect to Hydrolix

HTTPS API: https://{myhostname}}.hydrolix.live/query
Clickhouse Native: https://{myhostname}}.hydrolix.live:9440


I want more!

If you are interested in using visualisation tools, we have a number preconfigured and ready to go for you. Take a look at Query Tools