Merge Metrics

The Hydrolix stack includes Prometheus, an open-source metrics database. While the Stack runs, Hydrolix continuously updates its Prometheus instance with metrics information. You can query, view, and actively monitor this information through the use of a stack's Grafana instance or you can access it via your own monitoring platform.

Using Prometheus directly

Prometheus has its own web-based UI, available by visiting https://YOUR-HYDROLIX-HOSTNAME/prometheus in your web browser.

This view is far more basic than Grafana's, suitable for quickly entering queries and seeing simple, graphed results. Hydrolix does make this feature available immediately, without any additional setup.

Merge metrics

merge_duration_summarySummaryMerge processing duration, in milliseconds.
merge_duration_histo_bucket/count/sumHistogramMerge processing duration, in milliseconds.
merge_successCounterCount of merge successes.
merge_failureCounterCount of merge successes.
query_countCounterMerge calls to the Catalog.
query_failureCounterMerge failed Catalog calls.
query_latency_summaryCounterLatency in calls to catalog.
query_latency_summary_count/sumCounterLatency in calls to catalog.


The following are suggested metrics to monitor your RabbitMQ service

rabbitmq_queue_messagesCounterSum of ready and unacknowledged messages (queue depth).
rabbitmq_queuesCounterRabbitMQ Queues count.
erlang_vm_statistics_bytes_received_totalCounterThe total number of bytes received through RabbitMQ ports.
erlang_vm_statistics_bytes_output_totalCounterThe total number of bytes output through RabbitMQ ports.

Additional Metrics on can be found on the RabbitMQ Site


You can find more information about merge operations in your tables in the Catalog Metadata.