Load your first dataset

To get you started we are going to run through a quick tutorial that uses Hydrolix's Batch ingest to get some basic data into the system to play with.


Supported Ingestion methods

  • HTTP Stream API. Restful HTTP ingestion.
  • Kafka. Consuming from a Kafka data stream.
  • Batch. S3 file loading, either a single one off job or continuously via notification.

Feel free to skip to the section that is most relevant to your needs.

Hydrolix Batch Ingest is able to read a source bucket and ingest any data file(s) from that bucket into the Hydrolix platform.

To ingest data you will need to go through the following process:

  1. Create a Project and a Table
  2. Create a Write Schema (Transform)
  3. Enable access to the source bucket.
  4. Run a Load job.