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The Hydrolix platform supports various client applications for querying and accessing your data. The following describes the settings needed to connect your DBeaver client to a Hydrolix deployment.

For the unacquainted, DBeaver is a free universal Database tool for interacting with data stored on various Databases.


Need more info on DBeaver, look here:

Connecting DBeaver to your cluster.

You will first need to create a connection to your cluster. Open "General" and right click "Connections", "Create" and click "Connection".


Select the "Clickhouse" as your Database and click "Next"


DBeaver uses a JDBC connection to connect to your Hydrolix Cluster. Enter the following details:

  • Host: your Hydrolix hostname e.g.
  • Port: 443

Next we need to tweak the driver properties a little. Click on the "Driver Properties" tab at the top and edit the following settings:

  • compression: false
  • path: /query
  • ssl: true
761 765 750

Finally test your connection by clicking "Test Connection" on the bottom left. This should issue a successful connection message like the one below.



Can't get access or your connection fails?

Have you enabled access to your cluster?

Enabling Access (AWS CF)

Enabling Access (GKE)

You should now be good to go, click "OK" and start querying your Database!