via DBeaver

The Hydrolix platform supports queries using various client applications. This page describes the settings needed to connect a DBeaver client to a Hydrolix cluster.



Before beginning this guide, check to make sure that you've enabled access to your cluster from your current IP.

Connect DBeaver to the Cluster

First, create a connection to your cluster. Open General and right click Connections. From the context menu, select Create, then Connection.


Select Clickhouse as your Database. Click Next.


DBeaver uses a JDBC connection to connect to your Hydrolix Cluster. Enter the following details:

  • Host: your Hydrolix hostname, e.g.
  • Port: 8088

Click on the Driver Properties tab and edit the following settings:

  • compression: false
  • path: /query
  • ssl: true
set compress to false set path to /query set SSL to true

Finally, test your connection by clicking Test Connection on the bottom left. This should issue a successful connection message like the one below.

To finalize the client connection, click OK. You can now query your Hydrolix cluster from DBeaver.