We have a number of tutorials, each backed by live data examples that you can query.

Example public data sets are hosted on a Hydrolix environment at This Hydrolix environment is running in AWS. It has not been tuned for performance. You should be able to see example queries, along with the data set that backs them. If you know of large (10 TB and larger) public data sets that we are not hosting, please let us know!

Performance has not been configured for performance, but for functional understanding. If you are interested in understanding Hydrolix performance, contact [email protected].

Using examples

The example boxes you will see have two or more tabs:

The tabs below the "Send" button contain additional information. You can view request and response headers, the result, the actual call that was made to the system, but also, you can export the query to the language of your choice under "Code Generation".


Hydrolix hosts these tutorial data set on a running Hydrolix cluster at All Try It examples will call out to this environment.

FROM: Projects and Tables

A project represents a collection of tables. The project sample represents our collection of sample data sets. Each tutorial contains data in a separate table (eg, gdelt). This is expressed in the SQL FROM clause in dot notation FROM project.table

WHERE: Time Range

All data sets must have a primary timestamp, which Hydrolix uses to store data into time partitioned blocks on ingest. In order to maximize performance, all SQL queries should contain a WHERE clause which specifies a time range for the primary timestamp.