Query Data

Hydrolix provides a number of query interfaces that can be used to interact with the system. See the child pages of this document for vendor-specific methods, or use the following generic methods.


You can query your Hydrolix cluster via HTTP at https://<your-hostname>/query:

curl -XPOST "https://<your-hostname>/query" --header "Authorization: Bearer $HDX_TOKEN" -d 'SELECT count() FROM sample_project.sample_table'

Note that most clusters have authentication turned on, so the above line will most likely need a token stored in $HDX_TOKEN to work. Learn more on the User Authentication, Enable Query Authentication, and Configure IP Access pages.


The Native interface exposes your database to Clickhouse clients, including:

query-peer :) SELECT COUNT() FROM sample.performance_logs

FROM sample.performance_logs

Query id: d7c8e441-0f3d-420e-a87d-8e6af10715f1

[ip-10-0-10-216] 2022.03.30 08:19:03.264549 [ 11066 ] {fd08db3c-e773-4f0b-8a6f-216b96114b83} <Information> executeQuery: query_id=fd08db3c-e773-4f0b-8a6f-216b96114b83 Read 1 rows, 4.01 KiB in 0.175487409 sec., 5 rows/sec., 22.84 KiB/sec.
[ip-10-0-9-127] 2022.03.30 08:19:03.264564 [ 16366 ] {e857c98f-d5f7-4d8a-8a79-4df5f2b33d66} <Information> executeQuery: query_id=e857c98f-d5f7-4d8a-8a79-4df5f2b33d66 Read 1 rows, 4.01 KiB in 0.175620806 sec., 5 rows/sec., 22.82 KiB/sec.
[ip-10-0-14-216] 2022.03.30 08:19:03.278970 [ 28475 ] {cc5a2a84-a134-4472-8921-18bba5ba6359} <Information> executeQuery: query_id=cc5a2a84-a134-4472-8921-18bba5ba6359 Read 1 rows, 4.01 KiB in 0.18547285 sec., 5 rows/sec., 21.61 KiB/sec.
│ 415827688196 │
[ip-10-0-9-20] 2022.03.30 08:19:03.279734 [ 5645 ] {d7c8e441-0f3d-420e-a87d-8e6af10715f1} <Information> executeQuery: query_id=d7c8e441-0f3d-420e-a87d-8e6af10715f1 Read 3 rows, 12.02 KiB in 0.343507604 sec., 8 rows/sec., 35.00 KiB/sec.

1 rows in set. Elapsed: 0.559 sec.

Hydrolix UI

The Hydrolix UI queries your cluster from a browser using the HTTP API. This environment is good for cursory tests, but you should use alternative clients or 3rd Party Integrations for result sets larger than 10,000 rows.

Query Authentication

Hydrolix supports token-based and username/password-based query authentication. Please see Enable Query Authentication for more information.