Deploy Production Postgres - LKE

Hydrolix provisions a single internal PostgreSQL pod to store the catalog (meta-data storage) by default. In a production environment we recommend a HA deployment with backups is enabled. This can be done simply by enabling (Crunchydata) in the cluster yaml file.


Potential Unrecoverable Data Loss - Please read.

If you have been loading data and this is a migration, do not proceed unless you fully understand the migration process. Catalog loss can lead to data becoming unrecoverable. To migrate an existing deployment it is strongly suggested to talk to Hydrolix support and review the following page Migrate to External PostgreSQL.

Deploy a Kubernetes HA Postgres

Hydrolix has built in support for the Postgres Kubernetes Operator (Crunchydata). This can be enabled to provide a HA deployment of Postgres. To enable, add the following to your Hydrolix cluster yaml file in the spec section

kind: HydrolixCluster
  use_crunchydata_postgres: true

To confirm you have your new Crunchydata Postgres deployment running you can look for the pods that should have started successfully, they will be named main-main

$ kubectl get pods | grep main-main
main-main-4qjd-0                      4/4     Running     0             60m
main-main-cgxw-0                      4/4     Running     0             60m
main-main-cfxw-0                      4/4     Running     0             60m