Query enables you to read data out of your Hydrolix cluster. You can scale query resources with Query Pools, which let you sandbox different workflows to avoid "noisy neighbor" performance issues.

You can query Hydrolix in the following ways:

  • Native Interface
  • JDBC


The following components comprise Hydrolix's Query architecture:

Data is always stored centrally within the Hydrolix Database storage bucket, no matter how many query pools you create. Because query peers are stateless, they do not cache data in between queries.

ComponentDescriptionScale to 0
Load BalancerAn application load-balancer used to route traffic to the Query Heads. Requests to the path /query or via port 9440(TLS)/9000 are routed to Query Heads.Yes
Query HeadReceives queries. Delegates sub-queries on partition ranges to Query Peers. Aggregates Query Peer responses to generate a query result.Yes
Query Peer PoolThe workers that execute queries. They retrieve partitions from the Hydrolix Database storage bucket and execute their portion of the query on that dataset. Then they return the result to the Query Head.Yes
ZooKeeperUsed for cluster management of the Query Head and Query Peer pools. The Query Head learns of Query Peer availability through ZooKeeper.Yes
Hydrolix Database Storage BucketContains the partitions that comprise the database. Part of the core infrastructure.No
CatalogContains metadata regarding data stored in Hydrolix. Part of the core infrastructure.No


Try a Query

To get started with writing your first query, see Query.

Query Pools

Because Hydrolix query infrastructure is decoupled from the storage layer, you can create separate query pools for different groups of users. For example, you might configure separate sandboxes for administrator queries, interactive analyst queries, and monitoring queries.

Pool groups support independent scaling, so capacity for each pool can adjust automatically to satisfy demand. You can even scale an entire pool to zero when demand is negligible -- for example, over the weekend when staff have no need to access data. When demand returns, you can scale the pool back up within minutes.

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Configure Query Pools

To configure query pools in your Hydrolix cluster, see Service Pools.

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