Upgrading Hydrolix

How to update Hydrolix on Kubernetes

Update Preparation.

In order to update Hydrolix on Google Cloud you will need to ensure you have kubectl and Google Cloud CLI installed.

You will also need to install the newest version of the HKT tool as this will provide the correct :

export HKT_VERSION=v3.8.7
export CLIENT_ID=hdxcli-xxxx

curl -s -o hkt-$HKT_VERSION \

chmod +x hkt-$HKT_VERSION && ./hkt-$HKT_VERSION

sudo mv hkt-$HKT_VERSION /usr/bin/hkt

Update the Operator

Run the HKT command and create a new operator.yaml.

hkt operator-resources > operator.yaml

Apply the yaml file to your cluster.

kubectl apply -f operator.yaml

The update should then be complete once the rolling restart of the affected components has occurred.



Rolling back is the same exact process, just specify the version you want to rollback to in your HKT_VERSION variable

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