Hydrolix Support

Hydrolix has several mechanisms for customers to access support.

Self Service Support Resources

Hydrolix provides documentation for those that would prefer Self Service capabilities and this can be found within our docs site here.

Support Channels

Hydrolix provides customers the following support channels.

Email Support[email protected]

* Emails received will always be created as Low Priority See Below

Support Service Levels

Choose the support level you require to meet your business needs.

Severity LevelMetricBasicStandardPremium
1. Urgent - Severe functionality loss,
data loss or System is Down.

Key business functions cannot be performed.
A problem is deemed Critical when no acceptable alternative solution (e.g. workaround) is available.
AvailabilityBusiness Days24/7 x 36524/7 x 365
Response Time8 Hours2 Hours30 Mins
Update TimeWeeklyDaily1 Hour
*Target Mitigation/Fix TimesN/A3 Business Days24 Hours
2. High - A feature or function is failing,
limiting the ability to utilize
the Hydrolix Service.

Hydrolix service is disabled or not working
as documented. Serious problems are demonstrable. Severity 2 issues are not “critical” and a reliable
alternative method exists.
AvailabilityBusiness DaysBusiness Days24/7 x 365
Response Time2 Business Days4 Hours1 Hour
Update TimeNoneWeekly4 Hours
*Target Mitigation/Fix TimesN/A1 Business Week1 Business Week
3. Normal - Any other case where a feature or function of Hydrolix is not working as documented.

Any case where a non serious feature of
function within the Hydrolix system is not
operating or has become unstable.
AvailabilityBusiness DaysBusiness DaysBusiness Days
Response TimeNone2 Business Days1 Business Day
Update TimeNoneNone1 Business Day
*Target Mitigation/Fix TimesWithin 2 ReleasesWithin 2 ReleasesWithin 2 Releases
4. Low - Service Request.

Billing information and Feature requests
and ‘How-To’ questions should be at this level.
AvailabilityBusiness DaysBusiness DaysBusiness Days
Response TimeNone2 Business Days1 Business Day
Update TimeNoneNoneNone
*Target Mitigation/Fix TimesN/AN/AN/A

Business Days are defined as any day except Saturday, Sunday and any public bank holidays that are observed by Hydrolix and are set between the hours of 08:00-17:00 local time of the customer creating the support ticket.

Any Urgent and High tickets must be accompanied by a Phone call to the Hydrolix support number for SLA to apply.

*Target Mitigation and fix times are applied only to Hydrolix hosted deployments.