Installing the HKT CLI

To successfully deploy you will need a few tools installed and we'd recommend getting some environment variables created as well to make life easier.

Supporting Tools

To deploy Hydrolix in GCP you will need to have some supporting tools installed. You should make sure these are installed first.

Hydrolix GCP uses Kubernetes and you will need the Google Cloud CLI and kubectl installed.

You can check if they are installed by:

which kubectl
which gcloud

Make sure you have set the environment variable defined in the previous step.


Install hkt - Hydrolix Kubernetes Toolkit

The final tool you should install is hkt.

This tool is a binary which helps to generate the yaml configuration files you will need to deploy your Hydrolix platform. These configuration files include:


Get the latest version of hkt

$curl -s -o hkt -L && chmod +x hkt


Move the binary to your local bin folder

$ sudo mv hkt ~/.local/bin/
$ sudo mv hkt /usr/local/bin/

Verify the installation by typing hkt:

$ hkt
Usage: python -m hkt [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --help  Show this message and exit.



Hydrolix makes updates to the service and software regularly and it is advisable to check for the newest release. Release notes and previous versions can be found on the current release notes page

Congratulations that's the boring bit done! The next step is to deploy the platform! Huzzah!