Updating your Hydrolix deployment

Hydrolix continuously releases new features and updates. In order to stay up to date with each update we suggest downloading the newest update and then using hdxctl update command to make sure your environment is up to date.

New versions of the HDXCTL can be found here - hdxctl install page.

The update procedure will update all components (stateless and stateful) and will leave the configuration and data in place even if updated using the Blue/Green methodology. This means you will not need to re-import data.

To update the Hydrolix platform, a Blue/Green type deployment should be used.

To upate a cluster the following steps should be followed:

  1. Using the new version of hdxctl.

    hdxctl update <client-id>

  2. Create the new compute cluster, traffic will continue to be directed to the old cluster.

    hdxctl --region <region> create-cluster --wait <client-id>

  3. Update dns to route traffic through the new cluster.

    hdxctl route <client-id> <new cluster-id>

  4. When you are confident that all ingest or query processes have completed on the old cluster, delete the old cluster.

    hdxctl delete --wait <client-id> <old cluster-id>