Operating Hydrolix

You can monitor and manage your Hydrolix installation through the hdxctl command-line program, as well as through your cloud platform’s own tools (e.g. the AWS management console).

Updating Hydrolix

The Hydrolix software gets updated quite frequently with improvements and new features. You should keep your own installation up-to-date, as well, by regularly applying these updates to it.

Learn more about updating your Hydrolix stack.

Viewing your logs and metrics

Tracking logs and metric across your Hydrolix installation is a new feature for 2021, and does not have full documentation yet. For assistance with viewing your own stack’s logs and metrics, please contact Hydrolix support.

Deleting Hydrolix

To delete Hydrolix from your system, please contact Hydrolix support.

SSH and On-Box Access

To gain ssh or “on-box” access to your Hydrolix deployment

Learn more about SSH and On-box access.