Building your data store

As with to most databases, Hydrolix uses tables as its core data-storage concept. All Hydrolix tables belong to one project. You must reference both table and project when performing ingests and queries.


Your organization can have any number of projects, each of which is a collection of tables bound together with common metadata and configuration options. You can think of a Hydrolix project as equivalent to a database or a schema in a typical RDBMS.

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A Hydrolix project contains some number of fluid tables, each one a two-dimensional data structure stored as compressed .hdx files within your own cloud resources.

Each Hydrolix table has a lot of important metadata and configuration associated with it which defines the way it addresses incoming data, handles queries, cleans up old data, and more. Understanding table-related concepts like ingestion transforms and query views is a key part of making Hydrolix work exactly how you need it to.

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