Enable Access to a Data Bucket (AWS only)

Similar to allowing IP access to the Hydrolix Platform, you must also allow access to a given S3 bucket. This is done via the hdxctl administration cli this time with the --bucket_allowlist flag.

$ hdxctl update <client_id> <cluster_id> --bucket-allowlist "<bucketname>"

You only need to provide the root bucket name (without the s3:// prefix). If your data is located in a bucket called s3://root-bucket/folder1 then an example hdxctl command might would look like

$ hdxctl update hdxcli-12345678 hdx-abcdefgh --bucket-allowlist "root-bucket"

Note: cross-account S3 bucket access is a little more tricky. We need IAM access permissions, see Enable Access to a Data Bucket (AWS only)