Reporting and Control

Control and the UI

As part of a Hydrolix deployment a UI and and an API end-point are deployed. The UI is a simple interface for managing the infrastructure, tables, databases and users of the platform. The UI is a effectively a skin of the API and is an optional component, the config-api however is required as it is the main interface for configuring the platform.

The Config API is a RESTful OpenAPIv3. The schema can be found on a deployed platform on the following path - https://<host>


Looking for the API Schema

The schema definition can be found here Schema

Reporting and Observability

The Hydrolix platform is deployed with a number of pre-configured (optional) components that provide both an interface for Query dashboarding but also for reporting on the infrastructure.

  • Superset is deployed as a Dashboarding mechanism to use with the Query service.
  • Grafana is deployed as a Dashboarding mechanism for Query, monitoring dashboards and alerting capabilities for the platform components
  • Prometheus ) is deployed as its own service and can either be used as a source via Grafana above, or can be used directly. All Hydrolix service components (including microservices) have Prometheus node exporters installed by default.

For ease of use each of these components has its own virtual path enabled via the Application Load-balancer hosted on the Web Server instance.

ComponentVanity PathScale to 0



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