6 October - v2.19.4

Download: hdxctl-v2.19.4

Release Location

wget -O hdxctl && chmod +x hdxctl



  • Query: Implement additional http query parameters.
  • Query: Implement http chunked encoding.
  • Query: Minor performance tuning improvements.


  • Portal: Add drawers to Sources page in the UI.
  • Portal: Changes success message when editing a source.
  • Portal: Adds a drawer to the Jobs UI.


  • Grafana: Adding new Query monitoring dashboard.
  • Grafana: Query reports, do not include internal queries in hdx.active_queries.
  • Grafana/Query: Enable ability to see active queries.
  • Prometheus: Add Query server metrics to Prometheus.

Bug Fixes


  • Ingest (Kafka): Add Kafka internal event queue.
  • Ingest (Batch): Fix to an issue where goroutines would leak when batch ingesting compressed JSON causes memory pressure.
    -Ingest (Batch): Fix to a Batch Intake issue where certain failures would leave SQS messages in-flight until process restart.