5 June 2023 - v3.42.4

You can download version 3.42.4 here.

Upgrade on GKE:

kubectl apply -f "https://www.hydrolix.io/operator/v3.42.4/operator-resources?namespace=${HDX_KUBERNETES_NAMESPACE}&gcp-storage-sa=${GCP_STORAGE_SA}"

Upgrade on EKS:

kubectl apply -f "https://www.hydrolix.io/operator/v3.42.4/operator-resources?namespace=${HDX_KUBERNETES_NAMESPACE}&aws-storage-role=${AWS_STORAGE_ROLE}"


  • Introduced ability to organize data into multiple storage buckets.
  • Introduced ability to specify a storage bucket during ingestion.
  • Introduced ability to specify a storage bucket in SIEM intake.
  • Added storage bucket configuration in the "Advanced" table settings in the UI portal.
  • Added icons to the "Add new" right sidebar in the UI portal.
  • Added emphasis to the default transform for a given table in the UI portal.
  • Added prometheus_retention_time and prometheus_retention_size configuration options for configuring the maximum size and oldest timestamp of Prometheus logs.
  • Added hydrolix.io/<name> annotation to all workload metrics tracked in Prometheus logs.
  • Changed "partition settings" to "flush settings" in the UI portal.
  • Changed "Entity ID" to "Web Security Configuration ID" in the UI portal.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed repeated data when splitting JSON to write to Redpanda.
  • Ensured that the operator always specifies a namespace when creating namespace-scoped resources.
  • Exception propagation improvements.
  • Reduced Merge memory consumption.
  • Fixed an issue where setting a GCS REGION environment variable caused the AWS SDK to use an incorrect region.
  • Failed HTTP requests now retry 3 times, instead of 10 times.