25 July 2022 - v3.15.6

AWS Cloud Formation (HDXCTL) / Kubernetes (HKT)
Download : hdxctl-v3.15.6 / hkt-v3.15.6

Release Locations
AWS Cloud Formation

wget -O hdxctl https://hdx-infrastructure.s3.amazonaws.com/hdxctl-v3.15.6 && chmod +x hdxctl

Kubernetes (GKE)

wget -O hkt https://hdx-infrastructure.s3.amazonaws.com/hkt/hkt-v3.15.6 && chmod +x hkt


  • Add: circuit breakers to control agg/sort disk spilling thresholds
  • BugFix: default query pool mismatch
  • BugFix: Query Timeout Circuit Breaker
  • BugFix: Open ended upper time range incorrectly triggered max time range circuit breaker


  • Add: Namespace dictionaries and functions to Project (backwards-compatible)
  • BugFix: Improper JSON escaping in logs - handle double quote and backslash
  • Add: make S3 Endpoint configurable
  • Enhancement: unified metrics and traces
  • BugFix: truncate logs issue
  • BugFix: Logs timestamp standardization
  • Bugfix: Logs and Metrics for ClickHouse exceptions
  • Add: support configuring external otel trace server


  • BugFix: Handle floating points from JSON more carefully for indexers
  • BugFix: Indexer partition rejected metric
  • Add: double-checks on every storage upload, increase max retries to 10
  • Enhancement: Stream validator endpoint
  • Enhancement: Batch to use Turbine as a service
  • Add: streaming http query param support
  • K8s: batch head handle special folders in GCS
  • BugFix: Ignore extra values in content type header
  • BugFix: JSON flattening depth deserialization
  • Removal: autoingest assets that are no longer used
  • Enhancement: Support multiple sources and transform per table for autoingest
  • Add: hot and cold partition count metrics to stream peer
  • K8s: Disable automatic decompression of gzip contents when reading from GCS
  • Add: Support custom null values


  • Enhancement: update summary pages UI
  • Enhancement: updates transform UI page to use validator
  • Move jobs page up to the top level UI
  • BugFix: create a new table UI
  • BugFix: remove hdx and hydrologs tables in UI select
  • BugFix: sort key & shard key updates don't stick
  • Enhancement: Custom Dictionary and Custom Function API endpoints
  • Modify: Standardize circuit breaker naming - prefix hdx_
  • Add: use cli dns service for named template email provider in API
  • Enhancement: add global query options to org level API
  • Modify: table defaults for stream and autoingest
  • Add: table handles multiple autoingest settings

Infrastructure/Command & Control

  • BugFix: create cluster fails after client rollback
  • Add: merge_head_batch_size tunable and adjust default to 10000 from 500
  • Add: support for non-standard s3 endpoints (minio, aliyun...)
  • Add: extra metadata for indexer metrics
  • Add: batch_head_concurrency & batch-peer-threads tunables
  • Add: superset_worker_memory tunable
  • K8s: AWS web_identity Auth Mode
  • K8s: fix traefik-cfg breaks on empty allowlist
  • K8s: update scale defaults
  • K8s: add vector logging-to-buckets in kubernetes
  • K8s: adds retries to the init-turbine-api job
  • K8s: catch error apply resources and show what is changing
  • K8s: add json log parsing to vector config
  • Modify: bucket logging layout and add pool annotations