24 July 2021 - v2.14.4

Download: hdxctl-v2.14.4

Release Location

wget -O hdxctl && chmod +x hdxctl


  • Add dedicated cache volume for query peer
  • Default merge head period decreased to 1 minute from 5 minutes
  • New table settings defaults to improve performance
  • Refactor to support pod instances in client stack
  • Latest version of Superset required
  • Patched latest clickhouse driver for sqlalchemy
  • Moved some instances to gp3 volumes (from gp2)
  • Config API update to move shard_key to table settings
  • Spot fleet capabilities added to the cluster.

Bug Fixes

  • Significant stability fixes for long running, extreme data capacity queries.
  • Increase proxy timeout between superset and heads
  • Sort Keys Reworked for Merge and Write SDK
  • Prometheus - persistent data across cluster replacement
  • Fixed use of Pools.
  • Bugfix for sort_keys and column sorting
  • Multi column performance optimizations for query performance.
  • HDXCTL bug updates.