4 January 2023 - v3.24.7

Kubernetes (HKT) hkt-v3.24.7

wget -O hkt https://hdx-infrastructure.s3.amazonaws.com/hkt/hkt-v3.24.7 && chmod +x hkt


[Feature] New Portal - New Portal created with a new design.
[Feature] Node Targeting - The ability to target services to nodes for the Hydrolix K8's deployment - Targeting K8's Resorces.


[Feature] Summary - Version 1 of Beta Summary tables.
[Optimisation] Merge - Set max_concurrent_partitions=3, Disable Clickhouse dictionaries loading for merge indexer (not needed for merge).

Notable Bug Fixes

[Bug] Circuit Breakers - There were occasions where circuit breakers would be applied within indexer components other than query. This has now been resolved.
[Bug] Intake (Stream ingest etc) - Fixed a bug where transform limiters could not be applied to uint8/int8/uint32/int32.
[Bug] Intake (Stream ingest etc) - Fixed a receive_time bug in Auto values not working as expected.
[Bug] Intake Streaming - Fastly challenge relocated due to changes in the new Portal and traefik.


[Feature] API - Add auto scaling range and current values to API
[Feature] API - Recognise and flag where overcommit is set to true,
[Feature] API - Add Replica range validation.
[Feature] Scale Profiles - Scale name change from minimal to eval - Scales

Notable Bug Fixes

[Bug] API - clean-up sources. restart deployment on update, remove redundant fields from API request body, add source URL field to response body.
[Bug] API - Simplify API calls for the creation for Kafka and Kinesis Peers.
[Bug] API - Changes to Kafka and Kinesis occasionally were not getting filtered through to the service itself.
[Bug] API - On Linode a Pool couldn't be set to 0 replicas.


[Feature] hydro.logs - Improved reasoning in logs for indexer partition rejections.
[Feature] Prometheus - Improve peer metrics specifically around S3 or supported S3 object storage tracking http status codes received.

Notable Bug Fixes

[Bug] hydro.logs - Added missing columns found in the logs 'catchall'.