22 March 2023 - v3.34.8

You can download version 3.34.8 here.

Hydrolix Kubernetes Tool (HKT) hkt-v3.34.8

wget -O hkt https://hdx-infrastructure.s3.amazonaws.com/hkt/hkt-v3.34.8 && chmod +x hkt

Upgrade on GKE:

kubectl apply -f "https://www.hydrolix.io/operator/v3.34.8/operator-resources?namespace=${HDX_KUBERNETES_NAMESPACE}&gcp-storage-sa=${GCP_STORAGE_SA}"

Upgrade on EKS:

kubectl apply -f "https://www.hydrolix.io/operator/v3.34.8/operator-resources?namespace=${HDX_KUBERNETES_NAMESPACE}&aws-storage-role=${AWS_STORAGE_ROLE}"


Notable Bug Fixes

  • UI: Fixed table health race conditions.
  • Kinesis: Added ARN (Amazon Resource Name) to the config API to allow cross account pulling.