22 June 2021 - v2.11.7

Download: hdxctl-v2.11.7

Release Location

wget -O hdxctl && chmod +x hdxctl


  • Adding support for OpenTelemetry on query peer and head
  • Replace lambda function with our own Host intake-misc
    • This is replacing lambda for reaper, decay, merge head, import head, autoingest
  • Replacing docker with podman for services execution
  • Allow scaling zookeeper to 0 or 3
  • Query result can now be written into s3 directly
  • Reduce memory consumption for query
  • Adding response header with query performance information
    • X-HDX-Query-Stats header response
  • Superset improvement
    • provide custom configuration via hdxctl superset set-config hdxcli-cli
    • adding redis caching mechanism for dashboard
    • support async query via celery workers
    • increase number of celery workers
    • change default password to $host-rogue-derby
  • Initial work for shard key using alternate column
  • New page layout for transform management
  • Provide users the ability to set merge interval
  • Refactor batch retry

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes prometheus auto-discovery
  • Fixes Grafana dashboard calculating ingested bytes
  • Fixes for NonNull and empty function
  • Turn debug off in opentelemetry collector logs