17 February 2022 - v3.3.3

Download: hdxctl-v3.3.3

Release Location

wget -O hdxctl https://hdx-infrastructure.s3.amazonaws.com/hdxctl-v3.3.3 && chmod +x hdxctl

Major Release Features


  • Query: Change count() function performance improvement
  • Query: Update to Query scheduling to improve performance generally.
  • Query: Fix WITH statement to use scalar function into query peer.
  • Query: Modification of #.catalog table views to include additional data.


  • Portal: New Layout and structure.
  • Portal: Fix to Sources page.
  • API: Path adjustments for Batch and Source end-points.
  • API: Kafka Configuration Layout changes.
  • API: Enable setting shard_key back to null with a special flag
  • API: Enable new datatype - map


  • Adding Kinesis ingest similar to Kafka
  • Ingest(All) New DataType - Map


  • Alter functionality added
  • Delete functionality added
  • Decay/Reaper : Improve system to ensure scanning and deleting of inactive partitions on Storage medium.
  • Decay/Reaper : Improve Catalog clean-up tasks.
  • Merge: Enable Cross Shard key merging when sharding removed.

Infrastructure/Command & Control

  • Moved reaper, autoingest and batch queue into statefull stack
  • Implement building blocks (not currently used) for Kubernetes