16 August 2021 - v2.15.8

Download: hdxctl-v2.15.8

Release Location

wget -O hdxctl && chmod +x hdxctl


  • Shard Key implementation into UI
  • UI Transform page changes
  • Add bastion, superset, prometheus, and intake-misc to UI cluster page
  • Add mem utilization size as raw data size to stats endpoint.
  • Add project and table names to catalog RDS instance
  • Add Operating System Patch Version managment
  • Vanity redirect for Superset
  • Add cache busting headers for version end-point.
  • Add partition deletion when partitions are removed during merge and purge
  • Add upload file option to transform creation
  • Dedicated rejects path added in S3 bucket
  • Allow user control of grafana.ini within built in Grafana service.
  • Enable SMTP in Grafana.ini by default.

Bug Fixes

  • Scaling bug fix where head times out when scaling down in size and number.
  • Change password end-point bug fix.
  • Various UI Bug fixes
  • API restrice which services can be used in Pools.
  • HDXCTL bug fixes
  • Pool reporting header fixed to report correct pool server count.
  • Improved System compatibility changes for bastion.
  • Adds additional error handling and bug fixes to the cluster page.
  • Bug fixes for catalog user
  • Bug fix to ensure min/max timestamps with parititon Catalog are suitable.
  • Bug fix for nullable strings