15 April 2024 - v4.8.12

Minor bug fixes

This version of Hydrolix introduces Unified Authentication by default, which is a breaking change for existing customers using Basic Authentication. To maintain current behavior when upgrading a cluster from an earlier release, ensure that unified_auth: false is set in your cluster's configuration.

This version of Hydrolix requires PostgreSQL version 11 or higher. We strongly recommend you use PostgreSQL 13 or higher for easy upgrading. If you are using PostgreSQL version 11 or 12, enable the ltree extension as superuser, and consider upgrading to an up-to-date version of PostgreSQL.

RBAC Version 2, introduced in Hydrolix version 4.6.5, has tighter security than RBAC Version 1. In particular, read-only roles have more limited visibility of the system.

Upgrade on GKE:

kubectl apply -f "https://www.hydrolix.io/operator/v4.8.12/operator-resources?namespace=${HDX_KUBERNETES_NAMESPACE}&gcp-storage-sa=${GCP_STORAGE_SA}"

Upgrade on EKS:

kubectl apply -f "https://www.hydrolix.io/operator/v4.8.12/operator-resources?namespace=${HDX_KUBERNETES_NAMESPACE}&aws-storage-role=${AWS_STORAGE_ROLE}"

Bug Fixes

  • API: Readiness check timeout increased to 10 seconds
  • Control: Fixed tunables for disabling cron jobs