09 March 2022 - v3.4.2

Download: hdxctl-v3.4.2

Release Location

wget -O hdxctl https://hdx-infrastructure.s3.amazonaws.com/hdxctl-v3.4.2 && chmod +x hdxctl

Major Release Features


  • Query: Array element data types are now nullable
  • Query: Allow a catch_all field to be of type map
  • Query: Extend Clickhouse receive timeout
  • Query: Fix internal call to system.tables required by Superset
  • Query: Add data type map indexing support


  • API: add prometheus transform type
  • Portal: Exposes 'add column' in views and shows the autoview as a clone option.
  • Portal: Set project in menu when new project is created.
  • Portal: Redirect to project summary when new project created
  • Portal: add a boolean denullify flag to datatype object for transform and view
  • Portal: Add ordering by date created to Alter and Batch jobs in UI.


  • Disallow nullable map keys.

Infrastructure/Command & Control

  • Include Project ID and Table ID labels for batch metrics