Query Metrics

When a query is made to Hydrolix metrics or logging can be enabled to understand query performance.

Name Type Description Default
metrics.format off / summary/ detailed Returns query performance metrics along with query results off
metrics.debug on / off This is for Hydrolix developer use only. We strong discourage turning this on (unless directed to do so by Hydrolix Support). off


curl --request POST --url 'https://demo.hydrolix.live/query/?query=<query>&metrics=summary'

Summary Metrics

Name Type Description
catalog.total_lookup_time int The number of milliseconds spent looking up partitions in the catalog.
data.total_bytes int The total bytes read from data files
data.total_column_blocks int The total column blocks accessed
data.total_reqs int Total number of requests made to data files
index.total_bytes int Total bytes read from index files
index.total_reqs int Total requests made to index files
peer.total_cores_allowed int Number of cores configured per peer for the query, influenced by max_fraction
peer.total_cores_avail int Number of cores available on the peer in total
peer.total_cores_used int Number of cores used per peer for the query
peer.total_peers int Number of query peers used
query.date datetime Time the query started, formatted:2020-09-03 05:47:40 UTC
query.exec_time int The total milliseconds for the query to execute
query.host IP The internal IP address of the query head
query.num_bytes int Size of the query string in bytes
read.total_hdx_bytes int Bytes read from all data files across all partitions to answer the query
read.total_raw_bytes int Uncompressed size of data used to answer the query across all partitions
read.total_reqs int Total optimized HTTP requests made to object storage to get all data required
read.total_uncollapsed_reqs int Total number of HTTP requests that would have been made to object storage if not optimized
result.num_bytes int Number of bytes returned by the query
result.num_rows int The number of rows returned by the query
result.status_code string success, or the error string of why the query failed
table.total_partitions int Total partitions accessed to answer this query
table.total_tables int Total tables used to answer this query