Using the Hydrolix UI

Your Hydrolix stack includes a web application that gives you a graphical front-end to Hydrolix’s basic functions. It allows you to create projects and tables through wizard-style interfaces, set up batch ingestion jobs, run queries interactively, and more.

The UI runs as its own component within the Hydrolix Core, and you can tune it (or shut it off entirely) just like any other component, according to your own preferences. By default, it runs as a single, minimal instance (in the case of AWS, a t2.micro).

Initial login

Immediately after you create your cluster, Hydrolix sends an email to the address you specified when obtaining your license. This email includes a hyperlink to your own stack’s web UI, taking to you a page prompting you to set a password for your web UI login.

With your password set, you can log into your stack’s web UI at any time by visiting its URL––in your web browser, using your license’s email address as your login name. The login screen does include a password-recovery feature, if needed.

Web UI features

Once you’ve set your password and logged in to the web UI, you will be able to perform the following functions graphically and interactively by choosing them from the top or left navigation bar.


The top navigation bar lists the project you are currently working with in the UI. You can click the controls here to change this project, or create a new project.


Run queries your data by issuing SQL SELECT statements directly on your tables, and see results immediately.

Fluid tables

View, modify, or create the tables associated with your project.

In a table’s detail view, you can create and modify the transforms you need to ingest data, and the views required to query it. You can also tune the streaming, merging, and aging services associated with each table.


View or modify the permissions associated with the accounts that can access your Hydrolix stack, and add new accounts as needed.


Set up batch import jobs, and view your stack’s history of of past jobs.


View, create, and update Kafka peer pools.


View and tune the cloud-based computing resources your stack uses.

Use the API for everything else

The web UI gives you a convenient, interactive interface to your Hydrolix stack’s basic setup and functionality. For complete and programmatic control over every aspect of your stack, use the API instead.