Install Hydrolix

The Hydrolix CLI tool hdxctl is used to manage and create deployments. A license is obtained via hdxctl get-license and full instructions are sent to the provided email address.

An active subscription to our HDX Reader on AWS Marketplace is required to create a cluster.

Installing HDXCTL

hdxctl is installed on an EC2 instance within your cloud account (recommended Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS, t2.micro with standard disk).

Prerequisites (instructions)

  • Python 3.6+
  • AWS credentials

Download the latest hdxctl version and make it executable

wget -O hdxctl && chmod +x hdxctl

Move hdxctl into your executable path

sudo mv hdxctl ~/.local/bin/
sudo mv hdxctl /usr/local/bin/

Verify the installation

$ hdxctl version
> 2.1.5

Subscribe to the HDXReader

Subscribe to our AMI HDXReader from the Amazon Marketplace. This is required before you can run hdxctl create-cluster.

Get a Hydrolix License

A license is requested via hdxctl get-license. A client_Id (i.e hdxcli-rmlxxgoc) will be sent by email with full instructions. The client_Id is assigned to a single AWS region that you specify. If you need multi-regions, you will need multiple client_Id.

Each Hydrolix environment is created within the domain. You specify a --host sub-domain and your environment will then be accessible at https://<your_subdomain>

Request a license

hdxctl get-license --admin-email <Admin Email> --organization <Company Name> --account-id <AWS Account Number> --host <Hostname> --region <AWS Region>


hdxctl get-license --admin-email --organization "ACME Inc" --account-id 123456789012 --host acmeinc --region us-east-1

Congratulations! The next step is to deploy and create the Environment!